Kathy Spangler moved to Pinehurst full-time in 2012 from southcentral Pennsylvania. She grew up in western Pennsylvania in an area that celebrated the various ethnic foods and customs of its residents.  This variety of foods led Kathy to become a dedicated “foodie” who loves to try new foods and new twists on traditional recipes.  She has always loved to cook and entertain.  She also has an interest in fine wines and is active in two wine clubs here in Pinehurst. Golf is, of course, another big part of her life.  Despite all of this, as well as volunteering at the Welcome Center and belonging to two book clubs, Kathy was getting restless for something new.

She had often toyed with the idea of starting a small business.  Her love of food and her interest in Village history began to come together in her plans.  She realized that whenever she visited a new place she sought out a culinary/historical walking tour to help her learn about the area.  She decided that the Village of Pinehurst seemed like a perfect fit for a culinary walking tour.  Compact and easy to walk, the Village and Resort provide an opportunity to sample a variety of good food while learning a bit of history about a fascinating place.  Thus was born the idea for Culinary Tours of the Pines.  She looks forward to each new opportunity to share Pinehurst’s history and cuisine with visitors as well as with those who make Pinehurst their home.

John grew up in Pennsylvania Dutch Country in the York/Lancaster area and was raised on basic country cooking with a heavy German influence.  That lack of variety did not seem to diminish his interest in food but his tastes were, to say the least, pretty basic.  Quantity sometimes seemed more important than quality.  Kathy has changed all of that and John is now very open to trying new foods and tastes.  He has also become a devotee of culinary walking tours as a way to eat some great food and to learn about the area.  He will admit that quantity is still sometimes too much on his mind!  While Kathy will generally serve as your host John will also sometimes lead tours or join Kathy on a tour.  His love of fine wines, golf, books, and Village history have made him an enthusiastic partner in Kathy’s vision of providing a quality culinary and learning experience for both visitors and residents.